This conference will be in English
This conference will be in English


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Where netbooks meet smart phones

Designed for minimum cost and maximum impact, this event is one day only with a packed agenda, and taking place at the Heathrow Hilton for ease of access. Join your peers from the smart phone, PC, operator, software and semiconductor sectors for an engrossing and valuable experience at the Canalys Mobility Forum.

Issues to be covered

The arrival of the netbook is highly significant in that it represents the point at which convergence became a force of major market change. Some would debate that there is a long-term future for the product category, but what is clear is that the status quo is being challenged in various areas of the market, and the positioning and strategies of major market players may have to change dramatically to ensure long-term success.

As the gap between smart phones and PCs closes, where does a vendor start and stop its product offerings along this continuum, and what is the optimal go-to-market strategy? Already certain things are becoming apparent:

  • New channels. Mobile operators are becoming an important channel for PCs as the subsidised device model extends from smart phones to include notebooks and netbooks.
  • Is 'Quandroid' the future? Microsoft's dominance of the PC OS market looks vulnerable for the first time, with competition likely to come from the OSs gaining popularity on smart phones and netbooks.
  • Partnership opportunities. Intel is having to consider a world where 'Wintel' is losing its appeal and different partnership strategies must be considered.
  • New business models. Smart phone vendors are looking to applications for new sources of revenue to supplement meagre returns from device sales.

These scenarios produce many opportunities and threats, and a resultant need for well-considered analysis to support strategically important decisions. Canalys will provide this through the Mobility Forum, conceived primarily as a mouthpiece for our analysts to put forward their views on what you need to be considering and why. Debate on the issues raised will also take place between major market players to complete a rounded view of likely market development scenarios.


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